"Good to hear from you. The ozo show went great and I heard from our resort lodging that we got a fair amount of bookings from Bozeman for that weekend. Because of the success of the ads for the show, we're thinking that they will be a helpful media for advertising upcoming events and concerts. The summer music festival will be in September, so we'll get back in touch with you then to potentially start a campaign then. Thanks!"

Sara Reichert
Marketing Coordinator
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


"Obvious Advertising has been a strong advertising resource for Cactus Records during the past two years and has become a staple in my advertising program. Obvious reaches a captive audience at a time when potential customers have little choice but to read my advertisements in full, which makes it a superior and more effective advertising force than most other print ads. Obvious does a great job of placing my ads in those establishments that are most apt to appeal to a similar potential customer base as my own, resulting in a more focused advertising campaign that better reaches my target niche. I recommend it to anyone interested in adding to and improving their current advertising efforts."

Mike "Bueno" Good, Owner, Cactus Records