Location Partners

What is it?
We place full color, magazine quality ads displayed in specially designed tamper-proof frames in your high traffic locations.

Your Benefits
In exchange for hosting other non-competing local business ads you get:

  • FREE advertising, graphic design and branding of your business as a location partner
  • We will professionally design your ads to be placed in other non-competing locations
  • 4 frame spots = One 8.5" x 11" ad per month, design of the ad included
  • Increases brand awareness and helps drive business

Ad Installation
Our frames are 8.5" x 11" tamper-proof black acrylic with plexiglass inserts. We place them in high traffic locations such as restrooms, foyers and walls with an adhesive tape that does not require any drilling or change the structural integrity of your space. Every 30 days your ads will be changed with different non-competing local businesses to keep it fresh and exciting for your customers.